Friday, February 10, 2012

Ines de la Fressange

If you'd peeked into my closet (you can do it HERE) you'd see that among my very limited selection of items, there are two white button down shirts. What's up with that? I also have a 3/4 sleeve white lace top and, you bet, there is an elbow sleeve plain white t-shirt in my lounge wear.

The truth is, if I have to pick only one outfit to wear, it would be a white shirt with jeans. I like to imagine I am channeling Ines de la Fressange when I wear it.  Now, don't laugh about the setting. OK, laugh, since apparently I also thought my reflection was hilarious. Is Ines funny, I wonder?

J.Crew white stretch perfect shirt size Medium
White shirts can easily get ruined, but fear not, I have a backup:
Charles Tyrwhitt Size 12 UK
White tops can go casual with rolled sleeves, jeans, hippie necklace and/or funky shoes, or this-time -I-mean-business with trousers and navy blazer. Plain white t-shirt will tone down loud printed skirt. White blouse can go to a party when paired with sparkly pencil skirt. White collar peeking from under a dark v-neck will bring out some light to your face.  I can go on, but you know what I mean.

I LOVE this vintage cotton lace tee but it is very see through
So I am wearing this underneath, similar here
I used to buy my white button downs at Banana Republic but the last time I tried them, the Medium was too tight and gaping at the chest and Large was too big all over. I think they changed the cut becasue they now come in numerical sizes, I should check it out. I like the fit of J.Crew perfect stretch shirts, although the fabric feels a little cheap (thinner, rougher and more prone to wrinkling), they are great for casual wear.

Maybe one day, when I am rich and famous (dream on), I will be buying my shirts from this woman:

Anne Fontaine

But for now, my current favorite white shirt is from a British brand, Charles Tyrwhitt. I like the fabric they use, medium weight, not see through, it feels crisp and smooth. I machine wash it, put it in the dryer for a few minutes then hang it to dry. I only needed a light touch up with an iron, much less than my J.Crew shirt.

cami: Brora,  Trousers: last year's (lined) 1035 in camel
Lisa from Privilege did an excellent post on white shirts and another one on  button downs, check it out. You will also find out that we are actually talking about 'button fronts'. Who'd knew?

Do you wear white shirts? What is your favorite brand? Please, share.


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