Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hi and Happy New Year to all from out-of-the-attic-4u

Things have been great this past year and hoping it will even be better for this new year coming. So many things have been happening for me. I did good in my auctions and hope to do better.

I met many new people here and on the net.

I aquired a new web site that I won from epro sales. Its my own lil niche, come and take a look.

I am looking to make a banner for this site to promote it across the net. If anyone has ideas or would be able to make one for me, I am open for suggestions and price.

I added a few new items to my website and will show you a few of them.

There are a lot more on my ebay auction store that you should have a look at.

I will be going to Florida in Feb to see the Sunshine since here in PA its just about always dingy, drab and ugly. We were hit with a lof of snow and ice and I need a break.
Although we did have a few days of high 40's and 50's, which BTW melted all the snow, woohoo.

I can't way to travel and change the secenic view of mountains to ocean. I lived in Florida for over 30 years, (please don't ask why I moved to PA) ( it was probably menopause)

Well things are looking up and I will be adding more in the future days ahead. I am new to these blogs and don't even know what I am doing.