Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hello everyone,

It's new arrival rollout time at J.Crew again. Here are my faves from the new pretties:

Spring Fling Dress -- Love the shape, the print, the colors (not the price -- it's Collection)!

Dottie Dress -- Hello, dots, sash, love. It's silk organza, so definitely a party/wedding frock. Price is craz-o.

Circle Eyelet Dress -- So pretty in the admiral blue.

No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Ultra Eyelet -- Tried on the chili color yesterday and love!! Will post pics soon. It was TTS, running towards a bit snug (or I need to lose an inch perhaps).

Silk Kerchief Paisley Skirt -- Ooh, a new and interesting print! I'll have to see it IRL to really judge, but it looks lovely.  Silk twill, love that.  It's Collection, so the price is again, crazy ($398)!

High-waisted Denim Pencil Skirt in Sunwhite Wash -- I love white denim, and this is easier for me to pull off than white denim pants (gets too hot for me). I like the higher waist, but it might be a little long for me. I don't need a mini, but I do like a little more leg showing. We'll see.

Pre-order Shirred Maxi Skirt -- The green, I die! And in bright pink as well! It's a cotton-silk, so with the sheen, it's going to feel like more of a dress-up skirt, don't you think?

Raindrop Lace Top -- Saw this in store in the pink, and took it home (was able to get the 20% off promo). LOVE. Fits TTS compared to other pullover tops recently. (i.e. I have the Talitha in a 2)

Popover Tunic in Lifesaver Print - So fun and pretty in silk. Reminds me of that optic print they had ages ago (I have it in a silk jacket -- anyone remember?).

Popover Tunic in Sovereign Paisley -- I like the print, but I don't like the long pencil skirt for some reason. I like it in this silk top. The colors won't work on me personally, but I know others can rock it.

Keeper Chambray Shirt -- Was this already up before? I don't remember it. I like the washed look of it. I would wear it exactly as styled too.

Colorblock Stripe Boatneck Tee -- Cute in both colorways. Hope it's not super sheer/thin.

Garment-dyed Linen Cable-knit Sweater -- I'm gaga for the neon azalea color in everything this year, it seems. Love the boatneck -- so flattering. It's also available just in solid colors.

Cashmere Boatneck in Colorblock -- Love the colors, the boatneck, but am worried about it the thin cashmere (which I know is appropriate for spring, but JC's thin cashmere is hit or miss.)

Schoolboy Blazer in Tipped Linen -- Very cute update to the tipped hacking for spring. Love the tan/black colorway. Saw in store for a quick second, but didn't try on yet.

Linen Slicker -- Ok, I love this, and maybe others won't. It's water-repellent, has a hood, and those gold clasps...adorable!  Looks a touch see-through in one photo.

Mona Printed Pumps and Kira Printed Sandals and Classic Ballet Flats-- The apple print on pumps is so cute...and I'm so glad they also did a flat sandal...and a ballet flat! I die!

Kira Sandals -- These look very comfortable, like they'll stay on your feet, without any flopping, and the color is perfect to go with literally anything all summer.

Heart Throb printed Classic Ballet Flats -- You all know I love this print, so love these flats. It's a cotton upper, leather sole, man-made lining (why?!)

Stripe Ballet Flat -- I know some people would prefer a pointy toe with these (see below!!)  but the rounded toe is likely a bit more comfortable for many. I tried on my true size in these yesterday, and they fit fine. I should have tried my usual half-size-up, but ran out of time. SO cute IRL.

Viv Stripe Flat -- Hello, they made it in pointy-toe too, which is sort of brilliant. But for (**($%$'s sake, it's a cotton upper and manmade sole/upper -- $200, really?!

Viv Printed Flat -- So cute.

Bubble Necklace -- Love it in citrus lime. Very cheery.

Classic Jenna and Classic Pave Bracelets -- I have previous versions of these and they are my go-to bracelets. That said, reading the pave review (glass encrusted over shiny brass), I was like, $118 for that?

iPhone case -- Sorry, I just love all things nautical. I also am happy that JC doesn't brand their cases. I've been loving mine for months now.

Silk Scarf -- I'm a sucker for pink/orange together. Silk chiffon, so I'm guessing the colors are a touch more muted IRL.

Invitation Clutch in Ribbon Stripe -- Love that this has the chain shoulder strap option!

What do you think?


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