Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hi everyone,

Sorry if I've been a bit slow to post and comment lately. The whole family has been struggling through a virus the past week that has had me falling behind in everything. Ack, is it summer yet?

Speaking of warmer weather, I thought I'd share reviews of two summery items that are on promo right now, the Drawstring Mini and the Amie Maxidress in Skinny Stripe.

J.Crew at ShopStyle

J.Crew at ShopStyle

Drawstring Mini -- So this isn't one of those super special pieces, but it is one of those items that I can see myself living in, and reaching for all.the.time in the warm months. It calls itself a mini, but it's definitely either a long mini or a short pencil, at 19.5" long. For me, this is awesome. I have to be able to reach up to get my kiddo out of the carseat, and minis are just not my friend, unless I want to give a show. Also, there are pockets!! I ordered an XS. It's pretty fitted in the rear, but the bottom part of the skirt isn't as body-conscious/tight. I'm going to try on the small and see how I feel about the two, but I do think this is the right fit. The colors are navy and a very light tan/dark cream (not white like it looks in the product pic), which I actually kind of like. You can see in the pic below, where it is positioned next to a cream sweater, a white tee and a tan/oatmeal cardi. It's a heavier-weight cotton (like the maritime), so it's not a flimsy thing that will turn into a rag.  It's nicely priced at $55, With the promo, it's $44, which I think is quite fair.

Amie Maxidress in Skinny Stripe -- Regularly-priced at $98, it's on promo now for $78 (not final sale), plus the 20% off FABFEB, making it a bit more reasonable at $62.40. I have the striped Amie from last year (navy/white), which I picked up towards the end of summer. I loooove that dress. I wore it well into fall with boots and a sweater or jacket.  It's soft and pretty thin, which is why I like the camoflaging of the stripes in that dress and in this one. I definitely need a slip under it or there's VPL. It's really comfortable, and the blousey strapless top stays up easily and can placed a bit higher up for some modesty. (Er, I was in a rush, so it's not laying quite right in the pics.)  I bought the size small last year, b/c that's all I could get on popback, and it fits just fine. The XS is what I originally tried on and worked, so that's what I ordered here. I don't think this dark colorway is doing me any favors, so unfortunately this one is a pass for me. However, I've heard there's a new red, blue and white version in store, which I'll have to check out.  I did also try on the solid blue color as well, and it just shows waaay too many bumps and lumps and VPL for me.

What do you think of these pieces? Have you taken advantage of the FABFEB promo?

Have a great day!


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