Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hi everyone,

I've had a rough couple weeks as a mommy. Let's just say I had hoped that upon turning age 4, my dear son would miraculously quit all tantrums and start conversing with us about the books he's been reading and his favorite classical piece. He...has not. So I've been a bit frazzled.

Suddenly, it was Valentine's Day, and I had only the saddest of gifts for DH. It was...a burger press. I'm quite certain this is the male equivalent of a blender to the lady of the house. I had a great card and chocolate, wasn't awesome. Luckily, this lovely man claimed he loved it and can't wait to use it.

Then, he handed over his gifts.  We'll start with something that gave me a good laugh:

Pure awesome. He could have quit with that! But instead, he followed that up with:

The earrings are from DH, and the pearl necklace is from my wonderful late mother-in-law, who obviously had wonderful taste.

Well played my dear. Next year, I will step up my game!

p.s If you're shopping J.Crew's 30% off sale deal, ebates has gone to 3%.


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