Thursday, February 16, 2012

As I mentioned in my yesterday's post, I have a few pictures and reviews of the new items from J.Crew's upcoming rollout. Those pieces should be in stores everywhere in couple of weeks.  This is part one and I will post more pictures later today or tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Polka Dot A-line Skirt $128
I like the shape of it. It is somewhere between a-line and tulip skirt. It is gathered at the waist but it does not puff out. I think it would be super cute with a short peplum top. I just wasn't sure about the print and I don't need another polka dot item.
Size 6 

The fit is similar to other high waisted skirts, like Flair, crinkle chiffon, Jardin or Gallerista. If you have a small waist rejoice. Otherwise, size up from your pencil size. I would get a 6.

It does not puff out!
I was able to take a side view shot. I am proud of myself :)
Too bad J crew never matches the print pattern at the seam. I am slightly OCD and it bothers me.


Color code is INA. Does it mean Ivory/Navy? Indigo/Alabaster? I thought it was black and white, but sometime you cannot tell in the fitting room light.  If it is in fact navy, it is a very dark shade of it.

70% cotton 30% Silk, lining 100% poly
It is fully lined and it has pockets. Yay! I am not sure what sweater I have on. I only took it to try it with the skirts. It may be Jackie pullover, from the way I remember the knit felt (I still did not like the synthetic feel). But the fit and color was actually quite cute. I ordered it before in Medium but this is a Small.

Skirt in size 4  (looks better but feels worse)

I could only tuck in the tank

This would  be cute with some colorful purse

No. 2 pencil skirt in feather paisley $118
I am not sure what you call this print but I really liked it. It is something between paisley and a floral. The colors are gorgeous. The background is navy and there is ivory, tan and coral in the print. Scroll down to see the details in the close-up. Too bad that the last thing I need is another pencil skirt. Fits TTS with no surprises. Fully lined, I like that even in a summer cotton skirt, it is a must for me. And the lining is cotton, even better. I think you can easily wear it into the fall. That may be an only problem with this skirt, the print does not read like a spring/summer skirt to me.

Usual length

Size 4

I am not sure if this necklace is new but I like it
98% cotton, 2% spandex, lining 97%cotton, 3% spandex
Striped Silk Blouse $88
No, there are no sequins, if you were wondering. Fits big and boxy. Had a problem with a static cling but that could be remedied. Just wouldn't lay right because of it in the fitting room. The coat was only on the display. The shape of this blouse is pretty basic, no zipper no buttons.  I almost never take 4 in tops but this one was still loose in 4. I think it is supposed to have a slouchy fit. Personally, I don't like the color combo but I think it may look much better when styled right. I would consider sizing up to a 6 or even 8 and wear it with capris or wide legged pants, maybe belted?

Size 4 still roomy

Mixing Patterns
Looking at the sleeves now, I think I should have tried a bigger size.


100% Silk

Apple print sweater $88
I was excited when I saw it, it is a very cute print. I think it would be great with jeans, the way they styled it in the display, see yesterday's post. But I though it washed me out and I did not expect that. It was at the end of a day so maybe I was just tired looking, my hair was up in messy pony tail and my make-up was dissolving :(  I thought it needed a darker necklace or a scarf. The shape is pretty boxy. Fits TTS. I could not decide if I like Medium or Small better. I am also not a fan of those bat wing sleeves, they seem to be doing it a lot recently. Cost cutting or style? What do you think?


It bunches up over the skirt, because it rather thin

$88, 100% merino wool

Print detail

This is a Small, do you think it is better?

Navy pencil skirt $?
No surprises here, similar too wool version. Fits TTS, has a rised texture.
I need a navy skirt but it was very meh. I only too it to the fitting room to try with other things.
Did not take pictures of the tags, sorry.

Size 4
Striped Embroidered Top $78
Had a pottential but it is cut too low for me, cleavage alert.
I like the colors. Fits TTS, I took a Medium and I think a Small would've been too tight.
It reminds me of the smaller stripe/smaller embroidery top from last year that I have.

Size Medium, cut lower than I would like

This top somehow it looks better in the pictures than it felt IRL. I think it is because the cleavage issue was making me uncomfortable but you cannot really see the problem in the pictures.

* * *

For the purpose of judging how the items run I am 5'6, 135 pounds (on a good day), 34D, 30" waist, 37" hips. I almost always wear size 4 in J.Crew pencil skirts and city fit pants, 27 in denim, 6 in high waisted items, size 6-8 in dresses and tops, and I am between Small and Medium in non numerical items. Oh, and my arms are relatively short, many times the long sleeves are too long on me.

I had my rewards card with me but I did not buy anything. I liked the printed skirt the best, but I don't need it.  I am also drawn to the apple print sweater, even it being cutesy/ditsy and all, but I would have to try it on with a better face :)

That's all for today. Stay tuned for more coming later.

What do you think? Are you excited about something? Are you dissappointed with the IRL looks?
Please share!


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