Thursday, February 9, 2012

Polka dots seem to be everywhere this season. And it is for a good reason. Similarly to stripes, they are a simple print, easy to incorporate into your wardrobe, fun, youthful and flattering on most people. There is something about polka dots that puts me in a cheerful mood every time I see them.

I do own a few polka dot pieces: the silk/cotton popover below, last season navy silk short sleeve blouse, older summer dress in slightly bigger dots from Banana Republic and, last but not least, two pairs of pajamas.

Today I am wearing J.Crew polka dot popover with cream dots on black background. It has pretty high silk content (56% cotton, 43% silk), so it drapes nicely, feels smooth, does not wrinkle easily and is prefect for layering. The fit is boxy and the front is shorter than the back. I am not crazy about the shape and I would prefer that is was just a perfect shirt, but it was not a deal breaker, since I would usually wear it tucked in or belted.

pencil skirt in Viridian Green

When you tuck in or belt the popover shape has an advantage because there is no buttons to worry about. I am wearing this popover with everything, chinos, jeans, solid pencil skirts, under cardigans, v-neck sweaters and blazers.

It layers perfectly

Polka dots are cream, not white, which I didn't know when I ordered, but it is my preference.
I also really like it monochromatic with all black and just colorful shoes. This is how I will probably wear it next time.  The shot above makes it look navy but the shirt (and the cardigan) is black, as you see in the close-up below.


Because of the 'youthfulness' of polka dots I am trying to keep other elements of my outfit modern and grown up. I would wear that J.Crew dress that is coming up in spring (see below),  but I would not wear a polka dot dress that is too short, has a peter pan collar, baby doll shape, ruffles, bows, lace insets etc.

I think when you are, like me, closer in age to Golden girls than to the E*Trade baby, you have to watch out for the 'too cute', 'too Alexa Chang' aspect. Unless, of course, you are Alexa Chang. Or a Golden Girl.

If you cannot get enough of polka dots, there is more coming from J.Crew. This is the new popover in cotton, that you might have seen in my Flickr pictures, white with black dots, but it also has some white raised dots. You can open the image in a new window and enlarge to see it better. The shape of it is the same as the black one but the white one is more summery. I liked it a lot. I took 8 in both popovers, which is my bigger shirt size to get the blousy shape. If you like it more fitted stick with your regular size.
Now in stores for $88
Also, remember that J.Crew polka dots dress that I have shown you in this post?
Em in Espana (check out her awesome blog here) has send me an update. The dress will be will be called the Elinor dress, available only in navy and "approximately" $148.

That's all folks.

Do you like polka dots? Are you planning add any to your wardrobe this year?  Do you think they are OK for a grown up woman to wear?


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