Monday, February 13, 2012

We have had an unusually mild winter this year in the North East.  Saturday was the first time this year that we went skiing.  I don't like the cold weather but I do love to ski and this is the only reason I get excited about the snow.

Few years ago, I realized that the ski wear I owned was working well as far as protecting me from the elements, but I was feeling very unattractive while wearing it. Since nothing makes me more excited about any activity than something new to wear while doing it, I got myself not only a new ski jacket and pants, but also few cute tops to wear in hotel room or ski lodge.

Do you do that? This is how I trick myself into enjoying other functions as well.  Get a new dress and suddenly you are dying to go to the company's picnic or a wedding of the she-always-annoyed-me younger cousin.

Half zip from Athleta

Since the weather got cooler I thought I would do a post featuring my favorite winter coats. Some of them are current, so it may help somebody hunting them on popbacks.

First is a Stadium cloth Majesty Peacoat in Navy. I already had a navy peacoat (from LLBean) when I bought it, but I wasn't entirely happy with it. This coat fulfilled my expectations of simple, classic, navy peacoat that is warm enough to wear in our average winter temperatures but is not too heavy for late fall/early spring. I like this shade of navy, not too dark and not too blue anad I like how this coat nips in waist and does not flare too much in the hips. It is also a perfect length in my book, hitting me at low hip. The fabric is soft and it does not seem to attract lint like a magnet, which is my pet peeve and which was the biggest issue I had with my LLBean coat.

Stadium Cloth Majesty Peacoat

Size 8

Next up is the Elements Coat. I wanted to have a casual wool coat that I can wear while running errands but that would still not look out of place over pencil skirt, since I wear them a lot. I like that is has a hood that actually stays on when you want to put it up. I also wanted a bright color but something that I will not get bored with very quickly. The fabric is similar to Majesty Peacoat and I like the shape of it.  It is more fitted that I woudl have thought and I am wearing my bigger coat size.

Stadium Cloth Elements Coat

Size 8 Nordic Blue

My warmest wool winter coat is a stadium cloth Boulevard Trench coat. Mine is from last year but this years version seems identical, only in slightly different colors. I woudl love this in Maraschino Cherry, which is a perfect shade of red. The color of my coat is lighter than this year's saddle  and more heathered. This coat is very warm and it is also the most elegant. I think this is a great classic shape that has been around forever and I hope to wear it for years.

2010 Boulevard Coat, this year's version here

Size 6
For the really freezing days I also have a J.Crew down puffer from 2009. It is not the most stylish (OK, it is like wearing your down comforter and it makes you wider than taller) but it is really toasty and when the temperature drops below 20 degrees it is the only option for me.

2009 Puffer in Medium, current version here

Now, I know there has been many discussions on JCA about declining quality of coats and the fact that 'they don't make them like they used to'.  Somebody will always cite examples of past season coats and how they are still going strong and are not even comparable to current offerings. I, for one, am happy with my recent coats. I have owned the famous Alpine Green Gramercy coat from 2007. I liked it all right, but I never wore it because the green was too bright, double cloth fabric was too lightweight to be practical and I just could not get over the empire waist shape.  So last year I sold it for a fortune on Ebay. I could not believe how high the bids went, ironically, it ended up being almost triple of my initial BIN price, go figure. Hope it found a great new home and somebody is enjoying it  now.

2007 Gramercy Coat, shoes by Coach
To wrap it up (haha, pun unintended), below is a Crewcuts coat that I bought for my daughter this year and I am very happy with it and so is she. Warm, with added thinsulate lining, simple and classic. Plus, check out the bow in the back, so cute. 

That's all folks!
What is your favorite winter coat? Did you buy a new cat this year? Are you planning to? Do you like your older coats better? Please share!


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