Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hello everyone,

Are you shopping the current J.Crew 30% off sale promo? I'm not a fan of final sale, but there are a number of items on promo that might be worth biting on, and you can see a full list at FFM's post here. There are some new ones added today, like the Fanfare sweater and skirt, and the Gardenshade Floral pencil skirt.

I popped in the other day to try out some pieces, including the now-on-sale Marla Dress in Printed Silk, as it looks lovely online as a potential wedding guest dress. It is a Collection piece and final sale item, marked down to $99.99 before the 30% off.

My store only had a size 2 and I thought I'd likely need a 4, but gave it a whirl. Yep, needed the 4, as it was pretty tricky trying to zip all the way to the top.  

First, the color is definitely not as intense and vibrant IRL as it is online. It's a very pretty ikat-looking print, and a pretty blue, just a little disappointing when you compare it with the online picture.

The bust area has the same extra bust support with clasp that they've done before (like the Casbah dress last year). I think it probably helps with keeping the strapless bit up, which is nice.

Pockets! You know I love pockets. Especially lovely on an occasion dress.

Overall, it was a pretty dress, but I didn't get the feeling on this one for my particular event. What do you think of it?

Also, how about la Crew perhaps listening our woes about the high shipping minimum -- they've changed it this morning to free shipping on $100+!  Nice.


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