Friday, February 17, 2012

$198, 100% silk, size 8

This will be a quick post and I apologize if this is redundant for many of you, but I have been repeatedly linking to my Flickr images I posted before I started this blog.  To make it easier,  I thought I will post some of them here and in the future refer to this blog instead.

I took those pictures at the end of January, but many of these items are still not in stores. Some are already online, but I thought it is still worth to have irl pictures. Also see the catalog images for the paisley skirt and blouse from beautiful Slastena of  About All and Nothing at All blog HERE.

On model
Not so hot on yours truly, lol.

100% Silk.  Print is very pretty.

Another longer pencil skirt

Paisley skirt

Model, I am assuming at least 5'10

But the skirt is not as long and I am only 5'6 wth?


Linen Attache style Dress $158

Crinkle chiffon skirt size 8

Director Dress Size 6

Red eyelet pencil

If you haven't seen it yet, you can click HERE and browse through the pictures, there is much more, I think I took close to 70 pictures and included comments on fit, fabric, prices, etc.


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