Tuesday, February 21, 2012

OK, so I have to confess, I was getting a little bored with my Project 333 selections. I have been wearing my 25 items for about 50 days!  I decided to swap some of them to make it more fun. I think most people swap 3 items every month, but I decided I will swap once, in the middle of the cycle. My initial plan was to swap 6 items but in the end I selected 10.

10 may seem like a lot, but I was feeling sorry for some of my abandoned darlings, sitting in the dark closet and crying out to me :) Besides, if you are having such a limited selection, you have to be sure that they go with each other, so once I decided to swap one thing I needed to swap something else, I can actually wear it and be happy with what I have.

Maybe I am just not able to live with so little? I am not going to beat myself over it. This experiment helped me enjoy my clothes more and buy less, so I am just sticking with my way of doing it.  Hey, whatever works, right?

You can see what had in my closet HERE.

This is what I decided to swap: 

I really like skirts and I was craving variety, so I replaced all of them, black, ochre, viridian green and Floating Rose. I still have 3 pencil skirts and one a-line skirt, but this time I have two prints (floral and plaid) and two solids (honey glaze and bright dahlia).   
Four Skirts

I swapped my J.Crew Terra Paisley dress for DVF sweater wrap dress in camel, black and white pattern and my Talbots LBD for Brora Mallard solid forest green dress.

Two Dresses
I swapped my skinny True Religion jeans for People's Liberation flares.
Pair of Jeans
 I got rid of one of my white shirts and added a pair of black capris.
Black Capris
 I swapped my J. Crew camel v-neck for gray pullover from Banana Republic and my J.Crew cobblestone cardigan for straw chunky cardigan from Brora.
Two sweaters
 This is one side of my current working closet:
Skirts, Dresses, Pants & Shirts
This is the rest of it:
Sweaters and Tops
How did I decide what to swap? To make it easy, I replaced with similar items, because this gave me some novelty, while still ensuring my clothes will work together. For example, I swapped ochre skirt for honey glaze, and I removed black skirt but added black pants. I added two printed skirts with different cut and pattern but similar colors, so I knew they will both work with many existing items. I exchanged viridian green pencil for bright dahlia because I knew they will work with the same tops.  As for dresses, I still wanted to have one print and one solid and I just picked what I most wanted to wear and what was season appropriate.

Would you consider doing Project 333 or something similar?
What clothing items you cannot live without?


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