Monday, February 6, 2012

My J.Crew store is a 'concept store' and gets the new arrivals couple weeks ahead of other stores.
I got excited when I saw that they have already received the green flower print peplum top from Spring 2012 Lookbook because I knew quite a few JCAs were interested in it. I also spotted new tipped schoolboy blazer and I thought I would take few pictures of Edie Attache bag.

For the purpose of judging how the items run I am 5'6, 135 pounds (on a good day), 34D, 30" waist, 37" hips. I almost always wear size 4 in J.Crew pencil skirts and city fit pants, 27 in denim, 6 in high waisted items, size 6-8 in dresses and tops, and I am between Small and Medium in non numerical items. Oh, and my arms are relatively short, many times the long sleeves are too long on me.

Spring 2012 Lookbook Look #7 Peplum Flower Blouse 

also wearing double serge cotton pencil skirt in casablanca blue

See great review of this skirt here on xoxo
Size 6
size 8 - I think I like the fit better than 6

Inside out - I am learning from xoxo
Side zipper

The tags

$350 - Are they kidding?

97% cotton 3% elastane  lining 100% acetate dry clean only

Edie Attache Bag in pecan $288

Attache Bag

Metal Feet

Very Open Top - Deal breaker for me

Can be used cross-body
Scroll below to see it on me.

Tipped linen schoolboy blazer
Size 6

With Edie Attache

 close up

It wrinkles!

Edie Attache side view - it sticks out


The Tags

100% linen, lining 52% rayon, 46% polyester

What do you think?

Here is my take:

I think the flower top would be cute if you are young, tall, willowy and, if in any circumstances, you are never ever mistaken for your (wealthy) aunt Mildred, currently happily retired in some sunny location. If you aswered yes to all the above, you can add a tulip shaped puffy skirt (in what color?) and rock the  Dior Spring 2012 silhouette.

Unfortunately, I am past the  ironic stage and curtain style flower prints may be taken all too seriously on me. This top is not for me, but I can see it looking fabulous on many of you. The peplum puffs away from a body, I was trying to get side shot but it was above my self photographing skills. I think it fits TTS, not much difference between 6 & 8, see the pictures. I'd prefer 8 because of the lower waist.

Edie Attache Bag is very nice, beautiful color and right size, and being able to carry it cross body is a plus. But the lack of secure closure on top is a deal breaker for me. If I put my laptop/ipad there I would worry that it might get wet. What if I leaned over to pick up something, would  my lipstick and keys fly out through the opening? It is a very structure bag, which also means it sticks away from the body, I don't like that look.

The schoolboy blazer is very nice. It has the usual schoolboy fit, not the greatest on me but that is expected, I am not a fan of schoolboy cut. Since it is linen it wrinkles but that gives it more relaxed fit, not a bag thing.
It is soft and it would be easy to wear with any color top underneath. It will go well with jeans and dresses.
I like the piping, since I never got a tipped double serge blazer I am not so bored with the look. On the other hand, the price is steep for this kind of blazer, I think you can find something similar for less.

That's all folks.
No, I still I did not buy anything and nothing went on my wishlist.

How about you?


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