Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I want to be buried in these shoes

I don't know if I mentioned that alre`dy, but I buy multiples. Frequently. When I find something I like, I want to have it in every color.  I actually find it fitting very well into my minimalistic approach.  Instead of variety I add more of the same. The multiples I buy are usually the basics, simple and not memorable. They have a cut that flatters my body and work with my style. Because to me the most important aspect of style is fit, not originality. And this is why I buy multiples.  

I have six wool double serge pencil skirts

seven perfect fit long sleeve v-necks

five button sleeve boat neck t-shirts

Because I just received my leopard ones, I now own five pairs of Valentina pumps: black, coral, red, leopard and strawberry snakeskin.

welcoming the leopard pair to the club

I know there are many people that liked J.Crew Juliets pumps of yore and own multiples of them. While they are beautiful shoes, they never worked for me because they were too narrow and they did not have a leather lining. I don't have a problem with man made soles but I cannot take the synthetic lining, my feet just sweat and slide in it.

The interesting thing about Valentinas is that despite being pointy they don't squish my toes.  They don't feel narrow.  It may be just my foot anatomy but the angle of the point works perfectly for me and they feel very comfortable. I took my regular J.Crew heel size in them.  The heel height is also perfect, low enough to have them on for the whole day in the office, but high enough to look good. I find the heels below 2.5 inch just don't look as attractive.

Now, you may notice that I have two red pairs, the snakeskin ones and the regular leather, which may seem excessive. OK, it is a little excessive.

Snakeskin versus Rooftop Red
Well, my rationale was that the snakeskin ones are my 'special' shoes.  They were the most expensive pair of shoes I ever bought, even with 25% off plus 8% Ebates. So far, I have used them for a Holiday party, New Years Eve and a movie premiere I attended.  Other than that, I wrapped them in the fabric shoe bags they came in and put them in the box. I hope to have them forever and I will put in my will to be buried in them ;) The other red pair I wear all the time, they are my everyday shoes.

The leopard Valentinas that I just bought are also great. 

Black Walnut Leopard

I bought them with recent 20% off sale price and with my rewards card and a leftover money from the gift card I spent the total of $22 on them. They serve as neutral shoes and work with almost everything solid and other neutral patterns.  Personally, I would avoid red with them. I am not afraid of items with 'sexy' vibe but I only can do one at the time. Because they are patent, I expect them to wear well. The leather ones are prone to scuffing but they are softer ad therefore initially more comfortable. Overall,  I highly recommend the leopard ones at current price with the discount.

And you know what? I am still waiting for the navy ones to go one sale.

Do you buy multiples? Why or why not? Do you own a pair of Valentinas? Do you think I am nuts for having so many pairs? Please share! 


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