Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oops I did it again...

As many of you may know, I live near J.Crew concept store. They usually receive the new arrivals a little bit ahead of other stores and before those items show up online.  Last weekend my PS sent me an email that they would be receiving new rollout merchandise and putting it on the floor on Tuesday.  Tuesday was Valentine's Day and I was not willing to spend my evening in the mall, but on Wednesday I stopped by on my way from work, to check it out. I took a lot of pictures (close to 80) and tried on quite a few things. I am pretty excited to be reporting it to you.

Since there are a lot of pictures, it will take me a while to post and describe everything. Today I am only posting window display pictures to give you an idea what I will be reviewing.

I tried the Dress and Skirt. I reviewed Polka Dot Popover here

I tried on the navy striped t-shirt on the left and red popover on the right

I tried on the sweater

Didn't try it but the shorts are very cute - it is an adorable apple print

Didn't try but the Elinor solid dress is in the store, Rose tried it here

Tried the polka dot sweater

Tried the silk blouse

Tried the sweater under the jean jacket, capris were in store, not sure about the dress
Stay tuned for IRL fitting room pictures tomorrow.

This is what I took to the fitting room with me:
to the left are two new pencil skirts, one navy and one printed

Do you see something that you like? Do you like the colors and how they styled it in my store? What would you like me to review first?


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