Monday, August 23, 2010

I know it is August so it may seem a little early to be thinking about Halloween, but if you are a retailer, Halloween is in full swing! So, this Thursday night from 5 - 8 is the opening for Curious Sofa's annual Halloween art show ~ Halloween Masquerade. Go here for more information about the show and the participating artists. If you are in the Kansas City area Thursday night or over the weekend, make sure to stop by ~ this show and the store is always a treat!

Monday, August 16, 2010

{since I like to start the post with a pretty picture!}

It has been rather hectic and crazy in my neck of the woods these last several weeks, so I haven't been doing a very good job of posting. I took this past Friday off from the day job to concentrate on work for an upcoming show, but unfortunately was derailed thanks to Scurvy, an uninvited guest who took up residence in my basement. I have had many run ins with opossums before, but not inside my house!

Now, opossums can be pretty cute ~ as long as they stay outside and away from the dogs. Scurvy seemed to be one of those cute ones at first, but it didn't take long for him to bare his teeth and show his true personality.

Dick called me at work on Thursday to tell me that "we had a problem" in the basement ~ a nice addition to an already stressful workday! When I arrived home that evening, we sat down and hatched a plan to catch the varmint ~ it involved Dick trapping him in the box that he was sitting in, then scooping it into the tub that I would be holding. Seemed like a good plan, but when we tried to reposition the box for optimum scooping, Scurvy jumped out and found a new spot up on the edge of the foundation. At that point, it was obvious that we needed a Plan B, so remembering that our neighbor has a have-a-heart cage/trap, we borrowed that, filled a lid with peanut butter and dog food and placed the whole thing high on the shelf next to the box where he had been sitting.

Not much else we could do at that point except wait ~ of course, all night I kept hearing noises, so I didn't get the best sleep! By morning Scurvy had fallen for our devious trap and was caught ~ here he is, looking happy and content ~ I guess he must have enjoyed the peanut butter.

Initially, we decided that we would take Scurvy to the local park when Dick got home from work that night ~ but the more I thought about it, the more I didn't really like being in the same house with him downstairs. So, I decided I would take him to his new home that morning ~ all by myself. Mustering up my courage, donning a pair of gloves and sequestering the dogs out in the backyard, I headed down the basement stairs. As the cage with Scurvy in it was on the top shelf, I realized I needed a step up, so went back to the kitchen for my trusty kik-step. The minute I grabbed the handle of the cage and began to move it, Scurvy freaked out ~ I guess he really didn't want to go to a new home. Somehow I managed to go back up the stairs and outside, where I had a tub waiting in the car ~ I put the whole business in the tub, got things locked up at home and took off for the park.

About halfway there it occurred to me that I wasn't really too sure how sturdy that cage was ~ I crossed my fingers and hoped he wasn't going to escape in my car ~ after all, it was Friday the 13th ~ it would be my luck to end my days in an opossum caused car accident! Plus, no offense, but Scurvy smelled ~ I happened to notice that shortly after we took off ~ glad I thought to use the plastic tub!

Once arriving at the park, I found a nice clearing in front of a forested area ~ seemed like a decent place for a new home. I thought it might take awhile for Scurvy to leave the cage, but the minute I started trying to figure out how to open it, he was chomping at the bit. In fact, he got out of there so quickly, I didn't even have time to take a photo....

After great food and lodging AND a trip to the forest, this is the final look I got from Scurvy ~ the last I saw of him was his pink foot-long tail slithering into the shadows of the forest. So long Scurvy!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ah, the "it" bag. That droolworthy, impeccably designed bag that injects itself into the fashion world and spreads like a cool splash of water on a particularly hot day.

First you see it on runways ...

Then you see it on your favourite Hollywood celebs ...

And finally, finally, you can make it yours to own!

The Malaysian online shopping community is no stranger to "it" bags - it engulfs us like an exciting fever, thrilling every shopping kaki to her radioactive core. Remember the quilted Chanel-inspired bags, the vintage-esque Hermes Birkin bags, the biker chic Balenciaga, the Mulberry phenomenon, countless Marc Jacobs, and now ... the chained flap bag inspired by the beloved Chloé Sally design.

Now you can buy your own Chloe-inspired bag from Fashion Urges for only RM69! :)
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Available in SEVEN delicious colours: white, purple, pink, red, black, green and yellow.

Personally, I haven't quite fallen so passionately in love with a specific bag design ever before - but I really love this one! :D So it made perfect sense to pre-order one myself with Fashion-Urges, and after a little over a month's wait, I have my first purple bag! :) :) :)

There are so many qualities to this bag that I thought many of you may appreciate, so I reckon it'd be helpful to at least a few reading this if I wrote a personal product review on the bag :D After all, not all of us can afford to plonk a few thou on the original designer bag - and while not all of us will agree to the purchasing of "inspired" or imitation bags, at least we have the option of making an informed decision :D

Real vs Inspired: Close enough! :P
  • The bag is medium-sized, not too big and not too small. I need larger bags because I like to stuff lots of junk into my bag - from six packets of tissue paper to hand sanitizer, my wallet, a zip-lock bag of breath mints, a journal, stationery, my cellphone, camera, lip balm and other cosmetics. So I'm happy to report that this bag is more than adequate for the contents of an average shopaholic's bag! ;) There are two main compartments, each separated by a flap. It's broad and deep, not too much room but enough :D

  • It's like an event chameleon - you can use it for formal or casual events! While the Chanel design is gorgeous and totally classic, it looks a little bit formal for school or a day at the office. The Chloe design is a great alternative because it's made of pebbled faux leather instead of quilted.

Sorry I couldn't quite capture the exact purple colour on my camera, even my Stabilo highlighter isn't displayed in its actual shade!

  • The strap - not adjustable, but long-ish enough to wear as a shoulder bag or hand bag. I personally don't like bags with straps that are too short because I can't just reach over to rummage for something - so this is a great length! :D
  • Gold hardware - this bag is amazingly solid! It's a little bit on the heavy side because of this, so it isn't a very light bag, but what's a little bit of weight when it oozes with elegance? :D There are also gold-coloured bullet studs at the bottom of the bag (pictured below) and a structured base, which I love because it gives the bag a great firm shape :D

  • Clean lines - no frills, not over-the-top - beautifully tailoed. And if you pick shades like white or black, you'll be able to match any outift :D I love the white one, but I thought purple was a unique colour (that, and I was swayed by the fact that Leighton Meester picked purple too :P Viva la Gossip Girl, lol!).

I'm loving my new bag! :D

And I love Fashion-Urges for their excellent customer service -
I can really tell that they care about their customers, reflecting the best of online shopping!

If you have any thoughts or questions, feel free to leave a comment below! :)
Will YOU be getting your Chloe-inspired flap bag today? :D
Check out more info at Fashion-Urges!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I love it when fashion makes its way into the local papers in strange ways, and this one's too interesting not to share here :P The Star reported:


Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)