Monday, May 31, 2010

As we celebrate Memorial Day and honor those that have given their lives for our country, the flag is flown in remembrance. I thought I would share a few images from a book I have that is a wonderful graphic history of the American flag ~ Long May She Wave, still available here. The images below depict political collectibles, postcards, advertising, and a poster, just a few of the ways the flag has been graphically translated to formats other than a fabric flag ~ one can be patriotic in many different ways!

{all images from book}

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Spotted this on ebay today and thought it would be nice to add to my collection of old books ~ I love old alphabet books and I have never seen one like this before. The Alphabet of Flowers is from 1860 and is a wrapped paper book for children with beautiful illustrations ~ kind of amazing that it is in such good shape. Alas, too rare and expensive for my pocketbook ~ especially after I've spent the last two days picking up a few things here and there!

{buy it now for $146.25 ~ sale ends soon 6/1 or 2/2010}

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This past weekend there was a bit of excitement in my neighborhood ~ it included a speeding car, a crash, and a man with a gun breaking into a house and hiding out for hours while police cordoned off the area and worked to stabilize the situation. If you are so inclined you can read the full story or view the video that includes an exclusive interview with my boyfriend here.

So why the image of the skunk? It was the weekend of the neighborhood garage sale, so we happened to be perusing our neighbor's goods while discussing the events of above. At the time, the man who crashed the car was holed up in the house and the police were trying to figure ways to get him to come out. Our neighbor's 9 year old red-headed girl was taking all of it in, then announced to the group gathered that she had a solution ~ the police should send a skunk in so he could stink the guy out! Hey, not such a bad idea ~ why not have a Skunk Swat Team?

{That's one bad sCENT!}

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just a reminder, the spring Friends of a Feather show starts this Thursday and runs through Saturday ~ so, don't miss it if you are in the Kansas City area! There is always a wonderful array of artwork and vintage finds to pick from ~ great food ~ and a fabulous group of gals hosting the show! I wish I would have been able to participate again, but my work schedule has taken its toll on me ~ I do plan on shopping though ~ somehow, I can always squeeze time in for that! Find out all of the specifics here.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tonight when I pulled up in front of my house and got out of my car I was greeted by a pair of mallard ducks! Since I live in a residential neighborhood which is within city limits, this is quite unusual! I ran in and got my camera, then tried to get some photos at a respectful distance ~ the ducks seemed on a mission ~ they stopped at a few puddles in the curbs, but hurried off down the sidewalk seemingly aware of the danger of the street.

I'm glad they didn't decide to visit my back yard ~ the scots probably wouldn't have given them a proper welcome ~ after all, they have a stuffed toy that is a dead ringer for that green headed duck! Angus, a scottie from the 30's had a run in with some ducks ~ recommended reading for all! Read more about Marjorie Flack and her "Angus" books here.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

This week a friend recommended and loaned me Everything is Illuminated ~ a most wonderfully "premium" film starring Elijah Wood as Jewish American collector of family memories, Jonathan Safran Foer. Jonathan travels to the Ukraine to find Augustine, a woman in a photograph Jonathan's grandmother has given him. Arriving in the Ukraine, Jonathan hires Alex and his "blind" grandfather to serve as tour guides and translators ~ Sammy Davis Jr. Junior, the grandfather's "deranged seeing-eye bitch" accompanies the men on their journey.

In addition to the humor (there are many laughs), I found this movie very enjoyable on many levels. The plot of the story is intriguing and slowly unravels during the film, which is beautifully shot on location in Prague. As a collector myself, I liked that the film offers a glimpse of why people collect things and what those collections can mean to others. I would love to get a closer look at the wall collection shown below!

Quirky, sweet and sad, the film also touches on family relationships, cultural differences, love, friendship and loss. The soundtrack is worth a listen as well. After seeing and enjoying the film, I am looking forward to reading the book it was adapted from.

{click on images for sources}

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

{11th & Liberty ~ image from Liberty Belle}

First Friday is here again in Kansas City ~ this month the Grand Opening of Liberty Belle! Liberty Belle is the newest monthly vintage venue in the West Bottoms joining Good JuJu and Bottoms Up. Click on the links for all the specifics.

Last month I happened upon this new vintage market ~ below are some shots I snapped during my visit. Seems like a great way to start the weekend ~ I can't wait ~ there is something for everyone!

{Cast architectural fragments}

{charming pair of bookends}

{sweet remade vintage tea towels}

{great parking sign}

{surveyor's measuring stick and millstones}