Sunday, February 19, 2012

More Reviews!!!

Striped cotton/linen sweater $75
It was was surprisingly cute on. I did not have any pants with me but it would be great with jeans or capris. Maybe one of the colorful ones? Any color pants would work and it would bring it to the next level. Or just add some accessories.  I am thinking saturated color little purse, chunky bracelet or brightly hued shoes.

Size Small

Runs TTS to Big

It is probably prone to snags and quite sheer as it is a loose knit.  It also feels a little rough against the skin. I am not sure if it is because of linen or nylon content? I think you can get away without wearing a cami but it would help with both the sheer factor and the roughness of the knit. Do you think I am drinking too much crewlade? Sure, I do.  Because with all the cons why even bother?

$75, 73% Cotton, 15% linen, 12% linen
needs some pop-of-color methinks
I still like it. I am hopeless :)

Linen Polka Dot Sweater $75
My PS was very excited about it but I was skeptical, because even on the hanger, I could tell it was SHEER.

Size Small, TTS
It IS very sheer. Indecently so. I am wearing a nude bra and it still shows. And you can clearly see the skirt underneath. This is really too bad, because otherwise it is even cuter than I thought. Since it is a sweater I would not mind wearing a cami so much, by now I am not surprised even by summer t-shirts requiring it, how ridiculous it that? Also, is it just me or linen always have this smell? Like wet grass or something? It bothers me.

Has potential
This would benefit from styling, of course. I would either go all neutral with a pop-of-black (is there such a thing?), or add a colorful pants. Again! This may be a polka dot top for those afraid of polka dots 'twee factor'. Since it is neutral, it seems more mature. What do you think? But the sheerness is a deal breaker for me. Too bad as it had potential.
$75, 100% linen

Enter-Rant. What's up with the 'all-things-sheer' J.Crew??? Seeing panties or other unmentionables on the runway it one thing, but irl, it may ruin otherwise perfect item. Unless you are into scandalizing your co-workers. Most of us would rather avoid it. Is it a surprise? Exit-Rant.

Red print cotton/silk popover $88
I like the color of this one. I also like the shape, longer length and the fact that the front is NOT shorter than the back (like it was in polka dot popovers, I had no idea why they did that). But it is sheer, possibly too sheer. See rant above. I also have a silk habotai blouse from couple years that I can substitute, it had a twisted placket and chinese-style ivory flowers on bright papaya background.  I forgot what was the name of it.
Size Small, it runs big

The placket is pretty long when you tuck it in

Slightly Sheer.  Color reads red with some orange tone

$88, 57% Cotton, 43% Silk

Black and White print cotton? popover  $?
I forgot to check the price and fabric, but I think this one is cotton.
Probably $88. I do like it. It would go with anything. Guess what I am thinking? Maybe I do need those red/orange capris after all? I do, I do!
Size Medium

I like the print

I would belt it

Big-shot dot dress $158
OK, so it is really cute and pretty, but I felt ridiculous in it, like if I was a seven-year-old going to a party. Since I am a mother of not one but two kids over the age of seven (one considerably so),  I think I am just too old for it (click here if you are curious just how old). This dress has an Anthro vibe to it, imo. Aside from the age factor, I just don't do full skirts well, but I can see many of you rocking the heck out of it and looking fabulous.

The ribbon bow could be tied better, I know. I was trying on so many things, so I didn't bother.

Size 6, decent length

Has pockets

Full Skirt
Gross grain ribbon sash is removable
Maybe you should NOT remove the sash after all :)
Sash lowered and bow in the back
It IS high waisted. It fits tight in the chest. It is one of those better-if-you-are-pear-shaped dresses. Again. Sigh.

$158, 70% cotton, 30% silk, lining 100% poly

That's all folks

* * *

For the purpose of judging how the items run I am 5'6, 135 pounds (on a good day), 34D, 30" waist, 37" hips. I almost always wear size 4 in J.Crew pencil skirts and city fit pants, 27 in denim, 6 in high waisted items, size 6-8 in dresses and tops, and I am between Small and Medium in non numerical items. Oh, and my arms are relatively short, many times the long sleeves are too long on me.

I had my rewards card with me but I did not buy anything. I liked the striped sweater the best, but it is sheer snag prone and feels rough against my skin. I also really liked the black and white popover but I probably don't need it, do I?

What do you think? Are you excited about something? Are you dissappointed with teh IRL looks?
Please share!


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