Sunday, February 12, 2012

Don't you love a fun surprise score? I'd like to share mine latest, if you don't mind.

I saw this gorgrous floral Milly jacket at la Nordstrom Rack many months ago, when it first arrived. I gasped and wanted to buy it on the spot, but it was still well out of my price range for something that would be more of a special occasion piece, rather than for every day.  Then, for some bizarro reason (ok, I guess maybe it's a lot of look), it made it to clearance, down to 75% off the original retail price. Still, even at that lowered price, I couldn't justify something that wouldn't get regular wear.  Then, it disappeared over the winter. I assumed someone bought it, but I have thought fondly about that pretty floral coat ever since.

Enter my recent trip to the store. Perusing the many racks of designer clearance (patience is a virtue), there it was again! Those sneaky Rack people really must store some of the goodies during off season. (It was gone too long for it to have been a return.)  The clearance sticker still read the same clearance price, but this time, I wasn't letting it go. I actually now have several occassions for which to wear it, and since my love hadn't waned over the year, I knew it wouldn't any time soon.

Imagine my delight when, upon checkout, I learned that it had been marked down an additional $50! Eek and hurrah! So for an incredibly reasonable price, I took home a unique and beautiful Milly jacket that I just love to death.

Doesn't it remind you of J.Crew's Vintage Violet print (post here) a bit?  (Although blue rather than purple.) It has a tiny bit of dainty shoulder poof, and is so well-constructed. Look at that beautiful satin lining and the button placket. Love, love, love -- so pretty and ladylike!

Below with my new Old Navy polka dot chiffon dress, J.Crew Penelope Mary Janes (similar), and Cabochon Bracelet (similar, similar-esque):

I think it can also be worn dressed down a bit for a dinner out, with some bright pops of color and pattern mixing:

J.Crew Puff-sleeve Popover shirt in modern red, Golden Stripe Bracelets (still pops back), old J.Crew Spectator Belinda Heels (similar, similar), J.Crew perfect shirt (factory version), yellow Juliet pumps (similar)

I'm having a lot of fun playing with this jacket, and can't wait for spring, so I can wear it.

print mixing

How do you feel about a floral coat? I'm obviously a fan. (See my other old-school floral coat post here.) 

I tried to find some floral coat options for you, but all I could find that was faintly similar was this Boden rainy day mac in harbour provence, which is adorable and gets very high marks (try code WA70 for 20% off and free ship/returns):

Have you found any surprise scores lately?


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