Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hi everyone!

I was drooling over the new Madelene Dress the second I spied that gorgeous Festival Green and pretty silhouette. It looked perfect for several upcoming events, and I also felt it could be dressed down, which helps with the CPW(cost per wear). After seeing it on J.CrewJD here, I put it straight on my wishlist.

J.Crew at ShopStyle

I was hoping for a full-price promo (going on, ends today! through 2/22, 20% off with FABFEB), but imagine my surprise when I saw several sizes posted on eBay for even less than the promo price. Total gamble. I debated and debated, but saw they were being snapped I made what I'd like to call an Educated Gamble. Knowing I love the color and the material, seeing the fit on J.CrewJD and being quite comfortable with judging the right size, I went for it in a size 2. 

Just received it, and it's total love for me, and a perfect fit. The color is a stunning kelly green, which is very flattering on many skin tones, and pairs easily with a ton of colors (my favorites: navy, pink, yellow, purple).  It's a simple hem with no back vent, so it could be hemmed up if you decided to bring it up.

I know the wool material was a concern for many, but I honestly think it can be pulled off year-round, since it's not heavyweight, and is sleeveless. Maybe not at an outdoor summer party, but certainly in chilly spring, and frigid a/c in the summer. In fall, paired with a sweater and boots. And hello holiday wear -- more unexpected than red. It is fully lined in acetate, which does have breathability, so paired with the wool should make it just fine for the warmer weather (although I would have preferred a silk lining, like many of you). I like the little pleating at the waist.

It hits at that higher waist -- not quite empire -- that JC has been doing  a lot, so those of you that hate that aren't going to like it. IMO it manages to not look like maternity wear, but is very comfortable and is a total food baby concealer, hooray!  The armholes fit fine, not too low to show the bra, not too high up to suffocate your arm fat. I might have liked them cut a little smaller though. The length was my one concern, and I think it's actually very cute with heels. Tends toward a little dowdy with flats (see last photo), but I think you could pull off flat boots. I may hem it up an inch.

Pockets make the dress!

Overall, it's a love for me, and a keeper (er, good thing, since it's off ebay!).  What do you think of the Madelene?

Have you shopped the 20% off promo? Whatd'ja get? I'm glad they seemed to hear that we wanted a FP promo. I'm annoyed they didn't lower the shipping to $150. 

Don't forget ebates if you use it. J.Crew is at 3%.

Have a wonderful day!


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