Wednesday, February 8, 2012

You know you are a nerd when you reference Umberto Eco in your fashion blog and you think it is cool.

A print that is pleasant to the eye and flattering against ones complection is priceless, snatch it when you see one. This is what I did with the 'Blurry Rose' aka 'Floating Rose' print ( why wouldn't J.Crew stick with one name for the same print is a mystery). I bought both Winsome dress and wool double serge flair skirt.

Check out the skirt on Gigi HERE, she is also referencing other wonderful, creative bloggers that have reviewed and styled it. I am planning to wear the Winsome dress on Valentines Day, and if I do, I will post pictures. This dress in not one of my 33 items, since I consider it special occasion dress and therefore separate category. It would seem silly not to wear a perfect dress that I already own. Buying a new special occasion dress is another story.

So now, about the skirt. I don't wear many prints and I don't wear too many a-line skirts. I usually stick to pencil skirts since they are a reliable fit on me, especially the J.Crew ones. I tried the solid and plaid flair and it did not work for me. But the rose print skirt was perfect. I think the fabric is softer and this makes the drape better. Like many bloggers, I sized up one size from my pencil skirt size.

Today, I am wearing it with black and it is a very comfortable and surprisingly easy outfit The print is bold and quite memorable, so I try to keep rest of my clothes neutral and accessories minimal.

My sweater is from Brora, they make the best cashmere. I didn't know about Brora until I read about them on DaniBP's blog couple of years ago. But after my first purchase I was hooked. The fit is divine, nipped in waist, with the v-neck cut just so, and perfect length to wear with the skirt. They have a sale going on right now, it is still pricey, but you get what you pay for. If  the prices seem too high, there is always an ebay, and this is where I got this sweater for pennies (comparatively speaking).  It an older version, with slightly different cut (shorter an more fitted), that what they currently sell.. It does not pill, if you can believe it.

How do you like this print? Do you own this skirt or Winsome dress? How do you wear it?
Please share, your comments are the best!


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