Saturday, February 11, 2012

I'm a big fan of the statement necklace and chunky bracelets. They cheer me up, and make it easy to *jazzhands*-up a super simple outfit. That said, I also love very delicate jewelry. 

I used to have a hard time finding the delicate pieces, but suddenly I'm finding a ton of gorgeous pieces out there. I've been salivating over nearly everything in the Gorjana line, and have also found Jennifer Zeuner. Oh, and don't forget those little Kate Spade necklaces.

Here are the pieces that are all (ahem) on my wishlist. (Perhaps I will leave this post up on the computer conveniently for DH to see? It's not too late for an overnighted v-day gift. Just sayin'.)

Gorjana Taner Charm Bracelet in gold -- Perfection, honestly.

Gorjana Taner Necklace in gold -- Might as well have the matching perfection at the neck.

Gorjana "Ashby" Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet -- I've been on a gold kick, but I could use a simple silver bracelet to round things out.

and here it is in gold:

Gorjana Chloe Disc Stud Earrings in gold -- For those days when you don't feel the need for something hoop-y. Or when you're wearing a giant necklace.

Gorjana Willow Textured Bangle Bracelets -- I love the chime of a pile of bangles on my wrist.

I keep eyeying the Gorjana Graham Leather Studded Wrap Bracelet in all sorts of pretty and fun colors. Kind of loving the neon orange. 

Jennifer Zeuner's pieces have also caught my attention.

Mini Wishbone Bracelet -- I mean, it's just so adorable.

Swirly Initial Necklace -- A little bit SJP in SITC, with a preppy twist.

Integrated Initial Bangle

Kate Spade Say Yes necklace -- I love these little necklaces. I have the one that says "twirl" and it never fails to make me smile (and maybe twirl, when nobody's looking).

Here's the "twirl" necklace on me:

KS Spike the Punch necklace:

Are you a delicate jewelry person, or are you the "go big or go home" type? Or do you bounce back and forth, like me?  Any other designers I should be hitting up?

p.s. Here's a link to 20% off an item at H&M through 2/14.

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