Friday, February 17, 2012

Hi everyone,
Somehow I keep getting sucked into checking out Old Navy's spring items. I'm just kind of liking them. True, they do not fall under the high quality standards under my 2012 shopping plan, so perhaps I shouldn't be adding them to my wardrobe. I think the key is being highly selective, as opposed buying just to get a good deal.

Today's review is of the adorable Printed Tie-waist Dress in a cheery navy and multi-colored tulip print. It's the usual ON rayon-y blendy crap, but it's a fairly flattering shape (also easy and comfy), and the print makes me smile. Work/church/ladies-who-lunch appropriate.  This colorway seems to be selling out fast online, but there were a lot at my store.

I tried a small, and that's what worked best for me. It has an covered drawstring/ribbon waist that helps to cinch the look (although from the pics, I could have cinched more), and I like the button-front. The length is great too -- not too long or short IMO. It does have those kinda-sorta cap sleeves that some people might hate. I think it might have been best as just a tank/sleeveless style.

(Worn with J.Crew poppy ballet flats. Speaking of which, I have a NIB pair for sale in size 8.5, if anyone's interested.)

Also, a peek at my outfit, wearing the Charmeuse Bird-print top (which was on clearance at my store for about $16, fyi).  (Older J.Crew blazer)

Have a great day!


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