Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Banana Peppers

You know, I was just complaining the other day that there was nothing growing in my garden, but I just recently went back out and it's like all these veggies came out over night!  How did that happen?  lol

I know I'm posting a lot of garden posts, but I really didn't know how exciting this garden thing was going to be.  This may be my new little hobby.  The pic above is my banana pepper.  I planted a bunch of banana pepper plants so I guess I should be getting a lot of those this year.  I can't believe how big it already is.

Jalapeños and tomatoes.

Above, the top two pics are my jalapeño peppers.  On the bottom are my tomatoes.  The bottom left tomatoes are shaped kind of wonky.  I've never seen tomatoes shaped like that before, but I did plant 3 different kinds of tomatoes.  I can not wait to eat them!

My first cucumber.

Remember the pic I posted the other day of my cucumber that was one inch long?  Well here it is!  Ripe for the picking.  I was so excited when I saw how big this was today, I could not resist picking it.   So I did, my very first vegetable I grew myself.  Woohoo!

Cutting up my first cuke.

Eating my cuke!


It really tasted good, I mean, it was the best tasting cucumber I have ever had.  It had a really neat flavor to it.  I wouldn't say this just because I grew it  :)

My meal:  Mahi Mahi cooked with Thai spices on a bed of spinach, tomatoes, onions and my cucumber, some squash and onions from my dads garden, multi-grain baguette with olive oil and some green tea.  


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