Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Here's how my garden is looking as of today.  The tomatoes are growing great, as are the peppers.  The herbs are okay, too.  I'm convinced I need to buy The Gardener's Book for Dummies at this point though.  Nothing in the garden has produced anything yet and my leaf lettuce didn't make it.  My sunflowers are looking like they aren't going to make it either. That is sad because how can you kill a sunflower? They will grow anywhere!

My sad leaf lettuce didn't survive.

Good news though, the  little cucumber vine I planted in front of the shed, it is florishing! 
I got my first growth, a little baby cucumber, it's about an inch long!

The vine is adorable, it wrapped itself around the wire holder.
I haven't had to do anything to it.

I do have some more good news.
I found hundreds of wild blackberries in my back yard.
They are growing right behind the garden, I never noticed them before.  Now I can eat me some fresh blackberries!  There are also little tiny wild strawberries back there, but they are too small to eat.  Not sure why they don't get any bigger.

My wild blackberries.

I'm a little sad that my garden isn't doing that great. My dad planted his garden only a few weeks before mine and he's been eating full matured veggies from his for a couple of weeks now.  He said he thinks mine doesn't get enough full sun and it is getting too wet.   :(
I really don't have any areas around my house that has full sun for a long period of time.  What do I do?


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