Thursday, June 3, 2010

{Miniature handmade German grocery store ~ love the meat cleaver and chopping block!}

More antiques from Antiques on the Common ~ once again, I ended up with groups of items that kind of work together ~ I rarely plan to take certain themes, I just end up noticing them when I get my photos downloaded. Yesterday's post ended up leaning a little towards the feminine ~ with a focus on paper goods, sewing items, and bead work. Today's post tilts towards the masculine ~ machinery, toys and typography. I do try to get a variety of items that I find interesting or inspiring in some way ~ after all, I don't want to end up like the guys on American Pickers who only seem interested in oil cans, decrepit bicycles and not very appealing rusty signs!

{group of painted wooden tops}

{Sew-O-Matic Senior ~ great name for a sewing machine!}

{Unusual slat basket}

{clothes wringer with beautiful graphics}

{not a wringer, but a crimper}

{lovely typography on the side of a scales}

{Typography incorporated in the design of the scales}

{Painted cast iron sign for a jeweler}

{nice grouping of egg grading scales}

{My favorite ~ just for the name ~ The Expellometer ~ moth killer!}

{Unusual handmade wooden skeleton/angel? thermometer}


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