Monday, June 28, 2010

Yesterday a friend and I went to my parents and spent the day canning green beans.  Just like house projects, I find out that this project also took twice as long as I expected.  We got there at 8am and went to the garden to start picking the beans.  I think we will be done by noon and we don't end up leaving until around 5:00 that evening.  All's good though, because we have some yummy canned green beans now.

Here are the beans we picked.

We snapped the ends off and then snapped them in half.  

My friend Lisa washing the beans.

Here's me putting the beans in the jars.

After we get the beans in the jars, we put lids on them and then stick them in the pressure cooker.
It takes about 45 minutes for each batch, you can do around 6 jars at a time.

Then you take them out and let them cool.  All done.

My green beans at home in my cabinet :)

I grabbed some other fresh veggies from the garden, too!
I love having home made canned veggies.  We didn't add salt to the green beans or anything, I usually just cut up onions and add some herbs when cooking them.  I made a can of them last  night and they were delish!  We're hoping to can some more in a few weeks and also can some tomatoes and corn when they're ready.  I would really love to make some home made salsa and can it.
Do you have any home canned favorites?

Little Foot & Simba playing yesterday.


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