Monday, June 7, 2010

Finally, the third installment of this spring's Antiques on the Common ~ this one features the two items I purchased ~ a gorgeous old ledger book (1862) and an ancient German children's book(1894)! This is the kind of purchase my brother would just shake his head and ask me what was I thinking? Why would anyone want battered old books like these? Well, for one thing, I just love the covers ~ worn and torn, but wonderful patterns and color ~ great for scanning and using in a future art project . . . . then, when I saw the inside pages ~ these were both going home with me! The alphabet index in the ledger sold me in a second!

{spread from the children's book}

{irresistible alphabet index}

{lovely columns and rows of beautifully handwritten lists}

The pages in the ledger book are actually light blue ~ that seemed odd to me, but I was told that light blue paper was quite common ~ it's the first I've seen though. Don't you just love the neat and tidy look of a list? ~ I love things all lined up and orderly!


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