Thursday, June 24, 2010

My leaf lettuce didn't make it, I guess I waited too late to plant it, so sad.  I went out yesterday and bought some things to replace what was there.  There isn't anything to plant right now except for herbs, too hot I am assuming.  I got me some leeks, chives and parsley.

These are suppose to grow in a bunch like this?
 I would think it would be more like scallions? Did I do this wrong?
(It came in a pot just like this, so I planted it this way.)



New flowers I planted yesterday in front of the garden.

I also primed over a little of the green on my garden shed yesterday, too, but it got so hot I had to stop!
Think I will go with all white instead of a pale beige like I originally planned.  I don't like the metal rolling door on it, it's very hard to open and close and since the shed is air conditioned, I would need to close the door to use it.  The way this shed locks, I'm afraid if I pulled the door down from the inside I would end up locking myself in!  I'm going to get 2 regular barn doors for it.

I think this one looks cute all white, here is an old inspiration pic I have posted  before.

I like the lattice on this one below and how the vine is growing up it.  I want to put something on mine so my cucumbers can grow up them.  Not sure what to get for that yet, will do some research.

I've received quite a few comments on my Before & After photos of my home in the last couple of days and when I went to read the comments I noticed I didn't have an up to date picture of my bedroom on it (I've refinished the nightstand since the old picture).  So I took this full shot of my bedroom this morning and changed it on the Before & After section, too.  I still need to get a table for the other side of the bed. 

Something like this.

I still  haven't decided what I'm going to do yet about switching bedrooms. I'm so torn, my master bedroom is starting to really come along and have the look that I was striving for.  Oh well, I am sure I can get the guest room to look how I want too all in time.


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