Monday, June 21, 2010

The day we've all been waiting for is here.  Today is the first day of summer.  I'm not use to the weather in NC yet and coming from Florida where it's warm all year around, I crave sunlight and warmth.  I barely made it through the NC winter, but everyone is telling me it was the worst winter they have ever seen here, so maybe the coming winters won't be as harsh.

Not many people have swimming pools up here because you can only use them a few months out of the year, but isn't this the neatest little outdoor shed?  They made it into a guest room! Now that is a guest room I would love to stay in, I would probably wear out my welcome there.

I still haven't been able to paint my little sheds out back because it does nothing but rain.  Hopefully before this year is up, I can get them painted. I'm guessing the fall is probably going to be the best time to do it. Not so hot, humid and rainy.

Here is a picture I took when I lived 10 minutes from the beach in Florida.  This is the main thing I miss about Florida apart from my friends and family that are still down there.

Photo I took when I lived in Florida.

I love the lazy days of summer the most, I want to put a hammock in my backyard somewhere, but noone in this small town sells them.

It's hammock time.
Photo from Toast.

Do you love the seasons where you live or is it too hot or too cold or...?  What are your favorite things about summer?  My favorite things are outdoor activities, I really feel alive in the summer.  I tend to hibernate like a bear in the winter.


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