Monday, July 12, 2010

I love my slipcover chair. The longer I have it, the softer it gets.  I didn't have any sort of lamp or table for it and I've been looking everywhere for the right pieces to go with it.  Some friends were having an estate sale and I got this lamp and blanket from them.  The lamp was one of those shiny brass ones.  I, of course, decided to paint over it so it would blend with the room.  I painted it an antique bronze metal finish.  I got the lamp shade at Lowe's.   They think the blanket might be hand made, but they're not sure.

I've been looking high and low for the right little table to put next to the chair, but still haven't found anything.  Right now I'm just using a tv tray, it gets the job done.

I wish there was enough room for me to get the matching ottoman for this chair.  Then I could really kick back and read or just relax.

What kind of side table do you think would look good to put next to this chair? I was thinking a round antique one.  Sometimes I just get too picky  :)


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