Thursday, July 8, 2010

This is so calming and peaceful looking.
  I never would have thought to use those types of chairs that look like lawn chairs in a living room.  

I would give anything for exposed woodwork like this!

I've decided I'm going to paint the cabinets in my kitchen an antique white.  I like how it looks in the photo above.  Mine are a stark white right now and they are pretty dirty from about 50 years of grease and dirt built up on them.  I tried to wash it off, but it doesn't budge.  I'm also going to replace the drawer handles with the cup pulls like in this photo, too.

There is something so cozy and homey about this picture above.  It just looks like a place to relax and kick your feet up and not worry if you're going to get something dirty or messed up.  I love rooms like that  :)

As you can see, I'm not drawn to the real modern decor, each of these rooms have rustic elements to them, yet the delicate touches balance them out.  What perfect harmony!

All of the photos above are from Canadian House & Home.


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