Wednesday, July 7, 2010

As I have mentioned, I am in organization mode these days, so when I spotted the item above, I immediately saw potential ~ especially after discovering that it was metal (from a distance I thought it was cardboard) and that is was an affordable price. Despite not having room for it and not really having time for another project, opportunity was knocking, so the lovely sponge painted 30 drawer cabinet is waiting patiently for its makeover in my garage. I took the handles off yesterday and will see how far I get today with getting rid of the paint ~ my hope is that it will look similar to the second cabinet below!

{Before ~ Untouched!}

{After ~ The look I am striving for! ~ image via Cafe Cartolina}

Check back in a few weeks (dare I promise? ~ these projects always seem to take much longer than anticipated!) when I share a before/after post!


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