Tuesday, July 6, 2010

When I posted the dresser makeover below, I forgot to mention that I also made the bulletin board above it.  It was just a picture I found at a yard sale many years ago that I've had stored in my parents basement.  Here is how the picture looked.



I just spray painted the frame dark brown, then used crackle on that, then painted a matte white paint on top and let the crackle do it's thing.  
For the bulletin board part, I bought a piece of wood at Lowes for the backing and used spray adhesive to stick 2 sheets of cork on top, it could have used a 3rd sheet, but I'm thinking of putting a piece of burlap over it still.  Attach the board to the frame and that's it. 
Very easy compared to the dresser makeover :)

I like how it turned out, but like I said, I'm still debating putting some burlap over the cork.  I love making chalk boards and bulletin boards instead of spending hundreds of dollars for what they are selling them for in stores these days.

This one from Pottery Barn sells for $179.00.

This plain one for $149.00.

$249.00 for this big one at Ballards.

I like the feeling of saving all that money and looking at something I made myself instead :)
Do you have any other ideas of things that are easy to make, but they are selling for outrageous prices in the stores?


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