Friday, September 17, 2010

{charming display of personalized items}

It has been awhile since I have posted some shots from an antique show I have attended ~ for that matter it has been longer than I realized since my last posting ~ time has just gotten away from me! It isn't that I haven't been going on my weekend antiquing trips, it is just that I have gotten lazy with preparing the photos ~ sooner or later I will get around to it, but maybe things won't end up being in chronological order ~ oh well, will that really matter?

{This would have been a great shot if I had moved that giant tag!}

Last weekend was the Old Summit Antique Show at John Knox Village ~ it is one of my favorite shows in the area ~ great antique dealers and lots of interesting and unique items to look at. The lighting in the auditorium is always a challenge when taking photos ~ I usually end up with quite a few duds, but that is what Photoshop is for!

As usual, as I sorted through the images I liked, I have ended up with a few themes: displays/vignettes that I admired, great graphics, alphabet items, and then just a couple of interesting things. So, in addition to those above, below are some more lovely vignettes I spotted at the show . . . .

{section of piano keys used as a backdrop}

{Sumptuously spooky settee}

Then there are always all the graphics to notice at these shows ~ it's a good thing I have a camera so that I can take all of them with me ~ I'd be in some serious trouble (not only would I be on Hoarders, but I would be in debt as well) if I bought all of the stuff I love! I don't even like black licorice, but if this box were sold with it, I would buy lots!

{amazing cast iron stove grill}

{Uncle Wiggily, not Uncle Wiggly as I had thought}

{box of vintage flash cards ~ some with silhouettes}

Alphabet items are also something I am always drawn to ~ this puzzle was kind of weird as the diecut pieces are an alphabet, but they don't seem to have any relationship to the image the puzzle makes. I also wondered why it is a "Victory" puzzle - perhaps it helped support the British troops?

{my favorite ~ just love this little tin alphabet plate!}

{sweet little beaded birds on a pincushion}

{hand stitched felt placemat ~ love the simplicity of this piece}

{can never resist anything with drawers or compartments ~ this would be great in a kitchen!}

{quirky price tag holder}

{whimseys ~ both big and small}

{Cool silver globe pieces ~ wish I had asked what they were used for}

Yikes, it is 1am ~ where did the night go?! Tomorrow morning I am planning on getting up early to go to Antiques on the Common ~ another fun antiques show held under tents out in the country ~ can't wait! I'm sure I will have some great things to share with you from this show too! Happy Weekend to all!


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