Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just in case you missed the Curious Sofa Halloween Show or live too far away to make it, I thought I would post some photos so you would get an idea of what you missed! The photos below are of the artists' work at the show ~ visit here, here, and here to see some wonderful shots of the store display. As some of the artwork is remaining through the Halloween season and more items are being added daily, make sure to visit Curious Sofa to see everything in person ~ it is an amazing store and always provides great inspiration every season. For those of you out of town, Curious Sofa has just opened an online store here.

{Greg Johnson's wonderful display of paper treasures}

{Diane & Madeline Tompkins' array of masks & letterpress}

{Michelle Spaw's beautifully crafted treat bags}

{Lesa Dailey's lovely paper shoes}

The remaining photos below are of the work I did for the show ~ thanks to Scurvy the opossum and a printer problem, I didn't get as much finished as I would have liked, but the show must go on! I managed to get through the stressful parts and had tons of fun participating in this show

My approach this time around was to stick to a limited color palette and avoid obvious Halloween icons ~ my main reason for doing that is because the work I do is time intensive, thus higher priced, so I wanted to make sure that those that purchased an item would be able to wear it for more than one day of the year. I did try to incorporate some themed imagery in my packaging ~ and then of course, the Devilish Dog Accessories broke all of my self imposed rules!

{Selection of brooches inspired by mourning jewelry}

{New brooch designs ~ inspired by Victorian ribbon cocardes used in millinery}

{Crocheted masks in cream and black}

{Crocheted earrings complete with spider themed packaging}

{Devilish Dog Accessories ~ devil horns for your dog to wear}

{Dog stand~in for when Sprocket is not available}

{Devilishly handsome models & spokesmen ~ Dick & Sprocket}


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