Saturday, April 9, 2011

Today was a beautiful sunny and warm day ~ the perfect day for a trip to Picasso Groomery for the boys' spring makeover. The boys were all excited about the ride in the car ~ until they realized where they were going! Since they are both male and terriers, getting spruced up is not their favorite activity, even though their groomer is Tak, a celebrity! Grrrdy, Sprocket's sister likes getting pampered ~ she was honored with the PDG CLient's Star of the Month for June 2010.

After several hours at the groomery, the boys were bathed, trimmed and clipped and were looking pretty darn handsome. Sprocket wasted no time getting back on the deck to keep an eye out for trespassing squirrels and rabbits.

I think Speck has not quite forgiven me for taking him for a day of beauty......

Wish I could get Speck & Sprocket to pose like these guys. . . . .

{Walter & Delbert from here}


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